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AUUF Mission Statement PDF Print E-mail

Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a community dedicated to affirming a reverence for life and enriching the spiritual lives of its members.

Here we honor the one and the many; here we welcome a diversity of thoughts, beliefs and passions; here we speak without fear and listen with open hearts.

We gather to care for one another, share our burdens and joys, and celebrate life’s passages.

Strengthened by this fellowship, we bring a liberal religious presence to our larger community, and work for a safe and just world.



Dear Abby-July 26, 2010 PDF Print E-mail
DEAR ABBY: I recently had a child and would like to join a church for the community, moral messages and the music. I grew up going to one and got a lot out of it.

However, exploration throughout my 20s made me realize that I didn't believe what was being taught. Would it be dishonest to start attending again?

New Mom in Arkansas

DEAR NEW MOM: Many people consider themselves to be more "spiritual" than "religious." And I'm willing to bet that in many congregations there is a range in the intensity of belief among the attendees.

I encourage you to select a denomination with which you feel comfortable. Some -- like the Unitarian Universalist faith ( -- have no dogma and support their members in following their own spiritual paths.,CST-FTR-abby0726.article
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